Monday, September 12, 2011


Its time to vent again!!!

So, my husband works with a guy who was evacuated due to the wildfires here. Out of concern, I called to check on them to see how he and his wife and their children were doing... LAST WEEK. Their house has been unaffected by the fires, however they HAVE been displaced for a week. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, this guy has NOT gone to work for the past week. Typically, I wouldn't have an issue with this except....

1. His wife was put up in a hotel with the kids (who are not toddlers).
2. They packed up all their memories and left BEFORE it was a mandatory evacuation, great, right? Awesome! He didn't bring his work clothes or his work boots!
3. The company they work for offered to supply him with boots and work shirts, he turned it down.

Now, all this would be understandable, however.... He was NOT at the hotel with his wife and children. He was out driving around the fire affected areas. He was doing NOTHING productive for his family. So... lets add to this a little. I'm not a happy camper, can ya tell? Ugh... OK. This specific person has been with the company for a shorter period of time than my husband has, therefore, he does not make NEARLY the income my husband does. Now, with that being said, isn't  it odd that their mortgage payment is close to $500 more per month than ours? Oh, and all of their kids have braces. Which, seeing as we have the company insurance and I KNOW it doesn't pay for braces, I'm pretty sure they have Medicaid. Humph!!! Yep, I'm on my high horse and seriously PISSED!!!!! Then there are the 2 brand new vehicles they drive. Nice, huh? Good for them!

Today I find out that they're receiving SSI payments for their children.... I'm sure some will call me judgmental here, go for it... this is MY way of ranting and stating my POV... if you don't like it, there is an X in the upper right corner, use it. So... These people have FOOD STAMPS, SSI and MEDICAID. There is nothing wrong with them!!! Why in the HELL am I paying for their children to have braces on their teeth when I can barely afford to pay the co-insurance and deductible to provide dental for my OWN children?! This is BULLSHIT!!!! Now, SSI, I'm sure this will seriously piss MANY people off... WHY ARE PEOPLE RECEIVING CHECKS ON THEIR "DISABLED" CHILDREN?! Unless a child is SEVERELY disabled, this shit needs to stop!!!! Why is it MY duty to pay for someone Else's kid having ADD, ADHD, Turret's, or some other bullshit diagnosis people get to MAKE MONEY OFF OF THEIR KIDS!!!! Shit no!!! Lets stop this, please?!

My husband works HARD for the money that we have in our household... I'll even give my ex-husband some kudos here, he sends his child support bi-weekly just like he is supposed to... Because my husband works so hard for our family, I have the ability to stay home, instruct my children, instead of leaving them in the hands of a public school system that doesn't give a shit if my child passes or fails (notice I stated the SYSTEM there, not the teachers, there are SOME who care) and run our business. So, essentially, I am earning a living as well, I just don't have to leave home to do so. We WORK OUR ASSES off to provide for our family. Why, then am I still paying to give others, who are just as able bodied and capable as we are, the ability to have the things that THEY AREN'T PAYING FOR?! There is something seriously WRONG with this picture!!!

I guess what has started this entire rant, is that because this guy missed an entire WEEK OF WORK, for no APPARENT REASON, he asked to be able to "MAKE UP HIS TIME" at work... Hmmmm Really?! HE HAD NO REASON FOR MISSING WORK IN THE FIRST FREAKING PLACE!!!! His wife is a very nice, capable woman, Schools were closed, so there were no school schedules to adhere to, why did he miss work in the first place? Hmmmm... to go rubber neck.

Ya ll have seen pictures that I've posted on face book of the fires and the smoke... Those were either from my balcony, at my house, or from the highway as we were driving past, because we HAD to go that direction, not because I wanted to go stick my nose where it didn't need to be just to see the devastation that people are going through due to these fires.

We need an American Revolution. We need to stop rewarding people for being lazy. Damn, I have had just about enough of this bullshit. My husband is SCHEDULED to work 50 hours per week. Quite often he will pick up more hours than that. Why? Because we don't like being broke!!! We like paying our bills on time and having money to do things with our family!!! This man, who works so hard for our family, JUST got a decent material reward for his hard work this past week when we purchased a used truck for him. Now, its a dual purpose vehicle purchase... We can use it both for him to get back and forth to work and for us to use for the business. We needed it and have put this purchase off for quite some time while he drove a 1990 Honda Civic with 270000 miles on it and no air conditioning and questionable brakes!!! He DESERVES this vehicle!!! He EARNED IT!!!!

OK I guess its time for me to shut up now. I'm just so sick and tired of people mooching off of us in our society. Get off your ass and earn the things that you have and don't ask me or my government for it!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Ok, so its been about a week since I last posted something. I've been trying to find the time to post! lol then, honestly when I went to look for my blog, I couldnt find it! lol Oh well, we're here now!

So, the topic of the day: FAMILY. Some are psychotic, some are great, some are cold and calculating and some are warm and comforting. I'm going to take some time this morning to introduce all the people that comprise MY family! Now, I'm not talking about blood relatives, because, honestly, there arent many of those that I speak to. Except Aunt Ann, Aunt Lori and Grandma Jean!!! <3 yall!!!

Without further ado, Please allow me to introduce my family: David Turnbole - Father. His daughter, Kate and I were best friends growing up. My Dad has been there for me to cry to when my heart has broken, he has given me advice from vehicles to kids. Hes the greatest Dad anyone could ever hope for! He also likes it when the kids video chat with him! Love you Dad!!!

Mother: Now I have several of these!! Lets start with Rose Murgatroyd. Her sister in law grew up with us in Upstate NY and I was fortunate enough to meet Rose through Dawn about a year and a half ago. Shes been here for the kids for their birthdays, she was an integral part of our wedding and is the nurturing and loving Grandmother that I've always hoped to have for the kids! <3 you Rose!

Mother: Faith Brennan Now, whether Faith realizes it or not, she came into my life when I was in 6th grade. She was the secretary to the guidance counselor at the Mexico Middle School in NY. She used to come get me and take me on little outings, just to get me out of the house for a bit. She's always been a source of comfort and true compassion for me. Thank you so much Faith! <3 you!

Mother: Katherina Gerber. My friend Kathy's mom. Shes a WONDERFUL loving woman who has always been a shoulder to cry on, she would also verbally slap me and say, "what the hell are you thinking, get your shit together and fix your issue!!!" She loves me, my children and my husband. She is very loved by all of us!

Sisters: Pamela Hockett. The kids' Aunt Pammy. She is always in my heart and in my thoughts. I worry about her, probably too much, but shes my sister after all!!! <3 you Pammy.

Leela McDowell for almost 15 years, she and I have been very close friends. Shes been there for me and I've been there for her through some really rough, shitty times. My kids call her Aunt Leela and Levi fears her!!! Glenna adores her and the boys just think shes cool! <3 you Leela!

Deanna Borland Kelly- even though we're far apart in miles. I can always count on D to make me smile and I hope she can do the same. We've been friends since 1992 and through the years and tears, shes always been in my heart!

Carla Sue Dainty - Can you believe its been 18 years since we met? We lost each other for awhile. But shes back and better than ever!!

So, there ya have it, a quick light recap of my family. Other than the ones that live under our roof. I dont count the majority of my biological family as relations, they're mere annoyances to me and pretty much embarrassments. I am positive that the feelings are reciprocated. Biologically, I have 3 siblings, 1 sister, 2 brothers. None of them can be bothered to pick up a phone to even learn about my life, despite the years and years of me trying to include them in our lives. So, they get what they wanted. Im out. I sound bitter, but really, Im not. I also have a biological mother that cant remember birthdays unless its hers or one of her "friends" or their children. Once again, she is included in the list of, if she wanted to be a part of my life, she would know how to pick up the phone and dial. My number hasnt changed in over 3 years. Then there is the biological father. Aka pillar of the community, church organist, business owner, and abuser (and his wife too). I love my biological father. I really do, but my children deserve better than his constant put downs and let downs. My daughter is 16, hes seen her a total of 5 times in her entire life. My youngest one is 5, hes never seen him. I doubt that he ever will if its left up to him.

I hate the fact that I've pretty much cut my family out, but sometimes what we need to do for our emotional health isnt exactly what we WANT to do. Luckily, I have a wonderful husband and 4 precious, loving children that are all that I really need.

Ok so this blogging thing gets a bit windy, but thanks for reading and hopefully understanding my thoughts!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Williams Family

Hi! Let me introduce myself. I'm Tricia, Mom to 4 awesome kids that drive me crazy on a daily basis. I'm finally, after 17 years apart, married to my wonderful high school sweetheart, Scott. I love my life. We have our daily trials and "tribulations", but we get through.

This is my first time trying to blog... meanwhile, I'm listening to Billy Joel on Pandora Radio, printing home-school material for the kids to use this coming year and IMing with my friends Mal and Jana on Facebook! OK so I multitask a little... I don't have time to waste! I feel like I really need to try and make the most of the time that my husband is at work so that when hes home, we spend our time together with the kids.

Last year, after struggling with the awful school system here, Scott and I decided the best thing to do would be to home school the kids. I had no clue what I was doing---- AT ALL!!! So, with a little, OK realistically, a TON of help from Jana Colburn and Mal Torres, I somehow kept my sanity and started this little adventure of home schooling.

A year later, I look back and although, the 2 younger ones, Tre' age 8 and Aidyn age 5, didn't do a TON of work, I still think we made more headway than they would have in Public School. My 2 older children, Glenna, age 16 and Levi, age 14, are 2 completely different kids than they were a year ago. Glenna is no longer stressed out ALL THE TIME about school, she applies herself (most of the time). She doesn't have 6 hours every night of homework after an eight hour day at school. Not to mention, the teen-aged, I hate my mom attitude is GONE!!!

Levi, although still filled with an attitude, is not nearly as bad as he was in PS. Hes looking forward to getting ahead in school. Potentially gaining a few grade levels and graduating early.

I love watching the wonder I see on their faces every time they learn something new. That "Aha Moment" that happens when something in their head "clicks" and they understand something they've been struggling with. I'm a happy Momma!

OK, so everyone wish me luck keeping up with this here blogging thing! Lol