Monday, August 15, 2011

Williams Family

Hi! Let me introduce myself. I'm Tricia, Mom to 4 awesome kids that drive me crazy on a daily basis. I'm finally, after 17 years apart, married to my wonderful high school sweetheart, Scott. I love my life. We have our daily trials and "tribulations", but we get through.

This is my first time trying to blog... meanwhile, I'm listening to Billy Joel on Pandora Radio, printing home-school material for the kids to use this coming year and IMing with my friends Mal and Jana on Facebook! OK so I multitask a little... I don't have time to waste! I feel like I really need to try and make the most of the time that my husband is at work so that when hes home, we spend our time together with the kids.

Last year, after struggling with the awful school system here, Scott and I decided the best thing to do would be to home school the kids. I had no clue what I was doing---- AT ALL!!! So, with a little, OK realistically, a TON of help from Jana Colburn and Mal Torres, I somehow kept my sanity and started this little adventure of home schooling.

A year later, I look back and although, the 2 younger ones, Tre' age 8 and Aidyn age 5, didn't do a TON of work, I still think we made more headway than they would have in Public School. My 2 older children, Glenna, age 16 and Levi, age 14, are 2 completely different kids than they were a year ago. Glenna is no longer stressed out ALL THE TIME about school, she applies herself (most of the time). She doesn't have 6 hours every night of homework after an eight hour day at school. Not to mention, the teen-aged, I hate my mom attitude is GONE!!!

Levi, although still filled with an attitude, is not nearly as bad as he was in PS. Hes looking forward to getting ahead in school. Potentially gaining a few grade levels and graduating early.

I love watching the wonder I see on their faces every time they learn something new. That "Aha Moment" that happens when something in their head "clicks" and they understand something they've been struggling with. I'm a happy Momma!

OK, so everyone wish me luck keeping up with this here blogging thing! Lol


  1. Sweet Deal, I am going to add you to my reading list Missy!

    Welcome to blogging girl!

  2. OOOOH and I am your first follower to boot! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  3. You can do this girl !!! Glad you finally decided to share some of the fun in the blogger world. Can't wait to see what comes next.